When You Loved Me

Words and music by Timothy Mark

© 1995 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.

Try to find peace of mind in all that I do
gotta give gotta go gotta give a little more
still I’m feelin’ blue
harmony’s a mystery I’m dissatisfied
no matter how hard I try
I saw no answer as far as I could see
then something happened to me


When You Loved Me
you gave your love away
there was nothing I could do or say
when you loved me
there was nothing left to do
but to turn it back to you
the way that you loved me

Well I found a way to celebrate this love in my life
found a joy and a peace and a blessed harmony
my pie in the sky
This love in me is heavenly sent from above
more than I’ve ever dreamed of (oh yeah)
I found the answer I finally found the key, yeah
love unconditionally