What I Believe

Words and music by Timothy Mark

© 2004 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.

Verse 1:

Are you going through the motions?
Is His Spirit really real?
Is it more than mere emotion?
More than a feeling you feel?
In a world full of questions
Searching for the truth
Will they find the answer
In the gospel according to you?


I will give my life for Jesus for he gave his life for me
I will live to tell the story how he paid my penalty
For he lived to die and died so that I might live
What I believe
I will live to share the message with every word or deed
I will be the hand of Jesus reaching out to meet the need
I will live the call to live so that all can see
What I believe

Verse 2:

This old world is spinning faster
Looking for reality
But if it’s hidden in a steeple
Tell me how will they believe?
Is he just a God of Sundays?
Or is Monday his day too?
Can he answer prayer on Tuesday?
What if the answer was you?