Trending Topics

What’s trending in your relationship with God right now? Sometimes when God is at work in my life I find a word or idea keeps coming up in my Bible study, in conversations, in my prayer time, on a TV show, or some other part of my day. Lately I have been seeing the word “anxious” a lot as I read through the book of Luke. Then I began to notice times when I felt anxious, and it would take me back to what I had read earlier. This is an example of how the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Looking for these trends can help us find where God is at work in our lives.

Another word that is trending in my life right now is “gratitude”. Throughout the day I keep finding myself overwhelmed with gratitude for what God has done and is doing in my life. It humbles me deeply to consider how God has provided all that I need.

The irony is that these two words are nearly opposite! When I am filled with gratitude, anxiety is nowhere to be found. But when I am filled with anxiety, gratitude seems far removed. Being aware of this gives me the ability to lesson anxiety by choosing to focus on gratitude. By being aware of what is trending in my relationship with God, I am better able to respond when the Holy Spirit is speaking.

So what is trending in your relationship with God? Where do you see God at work? How is the Holy Spirit speaking to you? Learn to look for those trending topics so you can respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.