I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I normally treat it like any other day but with lots of extra food. But for some reason, all day today I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. I know that sounds cheesy. Honestly, I didn’t sleep well last night which makes me a bit tired through the day, and probably a bit more emotional. But I keep thinking of different people and how they have helped at some point. So many folks have had a part in my life and ministry. In the past three years many folks have given time to help me with a project on my house. I look around at the completed home and I am filled with gratitude for all they have done. Ministry wise, so many folks have helped support the ministry financially through the years. The ministry is 100% supported by donations. It is amazing to think of the thousands of people who have given through the years to support what God is doing through my life. I am so grateful.

So to all of you who have had a part, know that you are appreciated. I am so grateful.