Sunday Update – Please Pray

We are currently experiencing the first outer bands of tropical storm force winds and rain. I have decided to shelter in place for the remainder of the storm. I consulted with several friends here who are also sheltering in place and made the decision this morning. We expect the main storm to arrive this afternoon. Once it arrives, we expect hurricane force winds for about eight hours. It may be a long night!

Unfortunately, it looks like the eye of the storm may pass directly over me. This can change. I will carefully watch the 11:00 update for any movement in the projected path.

Please pray for me today for a clear awareness of the presence of God with me. As long as I keep my focus on him, and not the wind and waves, all is well! I am reminded of Jesus sleeping in the bottom of the boat as the storm raged. He is in control. As a side note, would you pray for my parents as well? They are in Michigan. If you have children, you can imagine how it would feel to know your child is possibly in harm’s way. It would be a blessing to me if you would pray for them as well.

I have many friends in this area. I am praying for them. We are keeping in touch and taking care of one another.

I just sent an email to our email subscription list asking them to pray.

I will likely lose power. If that happens, I will probably not be able to send updates. I will send an update as I am able.

In all of this, remember – God is completely in control!

I always enjoy reading your comments. Feel free to post your thoughts below.


  • Bill Smith on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

    Love ya brother, praying for you, yours, those around you, all in harms way & especially the lost that they will call on His name, see His glory, run to Him & find the gift of salvation!

    • Timothy Mark on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

      Thank you Bill. I appreciate it. A few more hours to go.

  • Travis prachar on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

    Stay safe and remember we would love to have u here!

    • Timothy Mark on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

      Praying for you as well. Love you guys. Be safe.

  • Eugenia Schoenherr on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

    Dear Lord Jesus I lift up Tim to you and all the people that are in this storm. I pray you would unite this country again Lord where it isn’t a race issue or political may we all realize that we are made in your image and we need you. May we all be Christ like to our neighbors and friend. May we band together to help each other. We love you Lord and know you are in control. You are still on the throne and you can calm the waves. Sending a big hug to you my friend.

    • Timothy Mark on Sep 10, 2017 Reply

      Thank you, Gina. Keep praying. We have a few more hours to go.

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