Storm Preparation Update

I know many of you wonder what are my plans for the approaching hurricane. Here is the update for you.

As of this morning, the models take the eye of the storm further east. This can change. It is still possible the storm could move back in my direction. I will continue to carefully monitor the track. My home is in Southwest Florida.  At this time, we will likely have tropical storm force winds in our area, but not hurricane force winds.

For now, I am planning to stay home. Thankfully, I made preparations early in the week and avoided the chaos we are currently experiencing with gas stations running out of fuel and stores shelves cleared out of hurricane supplies.

I have already made plans to evacuate if needed. I have 2 different options ready, one in Orlando, and one in Atlanta. I have a full tank of gas.

If I stay home, I have a complete hurricane kit ready. The kit has everything I need if a hurricane hits my area and all public utilities are knocked out. I have about a week’s worth of canned food and water, LED lighting, batteries, medical supplies, etc. ready.

I have ¾” plywood ready to cover the windows if needed. Yesterday I cut all the coconuts out of the Coconut Palms in my yard. So no coconut missiles!

The sailboat is stored at Indiantown Marina in dry storage with hurricane straps bolting it to the ground. The marina is far enough inland so it should still be safe even if the storm moves up the east coast.

For now it is a wait and see event. Thank you for thinking of me and for keeping me covered with your prayers. I appreciate it.

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  • Stacy on Sep 07, 2017 Reply

    Thank you so much for the update! I have been thinking about you but was hesitant to bother you knowing you probably have a ton of people checking on your plans. Stay safe! Does the hurricane kit include a raft:)

    • Timothy Mark on Sep 09, 2017 Reply

      I have the 10′ Avon dinghy in the garage! Woohoo!

  • Carol on Sep 07, 2017 Reply

    Although we just went to hear you for the first time 2 weeks ago in Rumney, Your posts make everyone feel as if they have known you for years!

    Thanks for your ministry and your beautiful God given talents. My favorite to date is The Church Across the Street.

    May God keep you safe and sound in his everlasting arms.

    • Timothy Mark on Sep 09, 2017 Reply

      Thanks, Carol. Thank you for taking the time to write the note. I appreciate it. Prayers appreciated!

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