Sitting on the Lap of God

Sitting on the Lap of God: Discover the Father You’ve Always Longed For

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From the back cover:

You hold in your hand stories and insights that took me fifty-six years of wandering to gather. For most of my life, I’ve known a subtle ache in my soul, an unnamed emptiness that lingered like a sea-fog on my path, at times heavier than others but always present, clinging, not willing to let me pass.

Often, I faltered on my journey, taking shameful side trails that led only to darkened points, track fading out into leaf-strewn messes, lost. I sought healing from childhood trauma and longed for a father’s unconditional love.

Within the arc of my story lies a secret that ultimately transformed my life. I hope you will discover it as I did, step by step, page by page, story by story, until at last your life is profoundly changed, rich and full beyond measure, overflowing like a full-moon tide.

Come, the Father God is waiting to draw you upon his lap.