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Over the Edge Devotional Book

Over the Edge is a devotional book written by Timothy Mark. But it is not your typical devotional. It is a devotional on steroids with a shot of testosterone thrown in for good measure. Timothy Mark draws on 20 years of adventure travel and life experience to deliver a fast paced narrative that will entertain and challenge you to become a real-deal, follower of Jesus Christ. It is a call to the ultimate adventure – a real, personal relationship with God. You will be richly entertained by the stories and challenged in your own relationship with God. Take that step of faith to the life God intended for you, one step Over the Edge.

Price: $12.99

What I Believe CD

Features 10 songs written and performed by Timothy Mark including the studio version of The Church across the Street. All songs, words and music by Timothy Mark.

Copyright 2005 by Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.

Price: $11.99