Praise Report

A few months ago I wrote in the monthly newsletter about the issues I have been having with my blood pressure. (May Newsletter) For those of you who do not receive the newsletter, my blood pressure had gotten pretty high and I was looking at having to go on medication if diet and exercise didn’t bring it down. At the time I wrote the article, I was frustrated that my blood pressure was remaining high even after beginning an exercise and diet program. I talked about what we do when God does not heal.

Fast forward to today. I am very excited to report that my blood pressure is now in a safe range. I have been cycling about 100 miles a week and eating well. The change was slow but I am excited that the blood pressure has dropped about 20 points. I am still going to be cycling regularly and eating well so I am hopeful that the blood pressure will continue to improve.

All in all, I am celebrating today! Thanking the Lord for his kindness to me in this way.

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