Miraculous Moments

Car photoDid you know that you don’t have to be in church to worship God and experience his presence in your life? It’s true. Just today, right in the middle of a Monday, God showed up and I found myself enjoying his presence, worshiping him for his kindness to me.

It is a warm, sunny day here in Southwest Florida. The forecast is for cooler weather for the next few days so I decided to take a break from writing and get some stuff done outside. The car was filthy and it was long over due to be washed. So I got out all the supplies and set to work, hand washing the car in my driveway.

Now this car is no ordinary car. It is a remarkable testimony of the faithfulness and kindness of God. It is a 2000 Toyota Avalon with a whopping 343,523 miles on it! I’ve put 161,000 of those miles on the car since God gave it to me 7 years ago. It just runs and runs, and by looking at it, you would never know it had that many miles on it. What is remarkable is that it just never seems to wear out. I maintain it, but nothing out of the ordinary. I change the oil and filters and put new breaks on it every now and then. It is due for a round of new tires. But the engine and transmission purr. I am not aware of any issues with it at this time. Over the years I’ve had moments when I thought it was time to look for something else. But for whatever reason, God just keeps the car running, and I enjoy it so much.

So this morning, as I was washing the car, I was overwhelmed with the kindness of God to me. I sat there with soapy water running down my elbow and just worshiped God. It is humbling how he takes care of me. I was reminded of the Israelites and how their clothes did not wear out the entire 40 years they wandered in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. In describing their journey Moses wrote “Your clothing did not wear out on you and your foot did not swell these forty years” (Deuteronomy 8:4, ESV). God miraculously took care of them their entire journey.

Sometimes, as we live by faith, God provides for us by miraculously keeping things from wearing out! But if we are not careful, in the busyness of our lives, we can miss these miraculous moments. The trick is learning to be aware of God’s kindness to us. We should treasure those moments when God reminds us of his faithfulness to us. Worship him in the small things! Celebrate his kindness! Stand in awe of his faithfulness.

Today, worship God for his faithfulness and kindness. Don’t wait for Sunday. Worship him in the smallest of miraculous moments. Yes, even on a Monday.