Late night bike ride

I had an awesome bike ride with my friends Jeff and Jackie Schaa last night. We left the house after dark and headed toward the Swiss Helms, a string of low mountain foothills near Elfrida, Arizona. It was all up hill for the first five miles. And the last half mile of that stretch was pretty steep. I was really winded when we reached the turn around point. The cool thing is that the ride was at night on a lonely stretch of road. We didn’t see a single car the whole ride. There was only a sliver of moon and the roadway was pitch black. Jackie and I followed Jeff. His headlight flooded the road ahead of us. I couldn’t see my front tire and could barely make out the handlebars on my bike. But as long as I followed Jeff, everything was fine.

This month, in the main newsletter article, I am planning to write about how we deal with uncertainty. The ride became the perfect illustration. Even though I couldn’t see the path directly ahead of me, I could follow the guy with the light and everything was just fine. I’ll be working on the article in the next few days.

In all, we road 11 miles. I was pretty worn out by the time we got home. But it was a really neat experience to be out there in the darkness.

I’m speaking at a Bible Church in McNeal, AZ on Sunday and then speaking to the Senior High Youth at Huachuca Oaks Camp all next week. Looking forward to a great week ahead.