I’m Gonna Live

Words and music by Timothy Mark

© 1995 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring
maybe sunshine or rain, happiness or pain
blue skies may turn to gray
doesn’t matter to me ‘cause I’m livin’ for today

some people live from fear to fear
watching the days stretch into years
the future is always hard to see
just not for me


Cause I’m gonna live like there’s no tomorrow
with an eye on eternity
I’m gonna give my life to the one who died
to give this life to me
and I’m gonna celebrate each breath I take
letting go of yesterday
I’m gonna live like there’s no tomorrow today

So walk on and never look back
you’ll never get anywhere if you’re living in the past
breath deep and go with the flow
it’s the art of letting go

Some people leave their lives to fate
caught in the choices that they make
looking for answers overdue
but it’s up to you