How to stay connected on Facebook

In January we will be transitioning the current Facebook profile to the new Facebook page. At that point, we will begin closing down the original profile that most of you are currently using. In order to stay connected on Facebook, you will need to do two things. First, click the “Like” button on the new page. Second, click the “Get Notifications” button on the new page. Here are detailed instructions for how to do this.

1. Click the following link to open the new Facebook page in a new window. Navigate to the new Facebook page here:

2. On the new Facebook page, click on the “Like” button. I’m using David Platt’s page as an example.


3. Once you have clicked the “Like” button, you need to click the “Get Notifications” button to receive my updates and prayer requests on your wall. Move your mouse back over to the “Like” button and a drop-down menu will appear below the “Like” button. Click “Get Notifications” here:


Congratulations! You are now connected to receive the latest updates. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Thanks!