Day Three Huachuca Oaks

The week is quickly moving by here at Huachuca Oaks Christian Camp. I am so please with how the kids have been responding to the messages. Last night we talked about loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind. If you know me, you know I am all about the basics – loving God and loving people. Loving God is so critical. Everything changes when you love someone. God never intended us to be a people that just followed all the rules. He intended for us to love him with utter abandon and then out of that relationship, we would naturally want to follow him.

Tonight we are transitioning on to loving others the way we love ourselves. I’m planning to share loads of stories from my walk with God over the years. I’ve seen so many divine appointments where God asked me to love someone with his love. Should be a good time.

Today we took a hike with all the guys to the Coronado Cave in the Coronado National Memorial. It is a steep climb up a rocky path for about half a mile from the trail head to the entrance of the cave. The teen leaders that led the trip set it up so that everyone had to help carry a pretty large boulder up the trail. Each guy took a turn with the others helping. It was a team building exercise. Then, in the darkness of the cave, we sat in a circle and I talked with the young men about how important it is to have an accountability buddy to make it though the trails of life. We need each other. But as men, we tend to think we can make it on our own. God calls us to accountability with one another and calls us to share our faults with one another so we can be healed. I talked about the dangers of pornography and challenged them to live a life of purity with accountability to someone else in their life. It was a very cool time with the guys.

Thank you for praying. It really does make a difference. God is clearly moving in the lives of the kids. Keep praying!!