Day Four Huachuca Oaks

I am pretty worn out. But in a good way. The ministry has been going great and it is humbling to see the kids responding to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Earlier today, I posted an exchange I had with one of the young ladies after morning chapel. It bears repeating here. It went something like this:

“Remember Monday night when you ask for those who were not quite ready to make a commitment to Christ to raise their hands for prayer?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “I do.”

“Well, I was one of the kids who raised my hand for prayer” she said as tears began to flow down her cheek. “Last night I decided to commit my life to Christ.”

At this point, we were both crying. As I am hugging her, I told her that I had posted on Facebook specifically asking for prayer for the kids that had responded to that part of the invitation on Monday evening. I told her that many folks had been praying specifically for her. How cool is that!

Tonight, for the chapel service, I did something different. We’ve had a good worship team leading us in worship each evening. Aaron, the leader of that group, is a local youth minister and has a personal testimony of how God set him free from drug addiction that began when he was 12 years old. I gave Aaron the opportunity to speak to the kids about how God had transformed his life. I was already aware that many of the kids in our group struggle with addictions to drugs or pornography. For many of the kids, this was a testimony they could relate to. It was a good evening and many kids were doing business with God at the end of the service.

Please continue to pray as we reach the final meetings tomorrow. I’ll be speaking about transformation in the morning chapel. Then in the evening service I’ll be asking again for the kids to make the commitment to being the real deal follower of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your part in the ministry in this way.