Chosen And Precious

This morning I was thinking about times in my past when people have said hurtful things. I was contemplating how those words can still haunt today. The power of a word is amazing, especially something that is negative. Even when you forgive, it is difficult to forget. Rejection is a powerful thing.

So I picked up my Bible and opened to where I had left off the other day. I started reading, and wouldn’t you know, God had something planned for me that fit perfectly with what I had been thinking about. It was a small phrase, but it jumped off the page to me.

“…rejected by men, but in the sight of God chosen and precious…” (1 Peter 2:4, ESV).

Chosen and precious. Those two words are powerful in themselves, more powerful than anything that any man could say. I am chosen and precious to God Almighty! My Father, the creator of the universe, chose me, set me apart for himself, and views me as precious in his sight. I needed that today. Those two words, spoken with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, drown out all the negative words that have been spoken in the past.

Friend, perhaps today hurtful words are haunting you. Maybe it was something that was said over the holidays. Maybe it was something that was said many years ago. The rejection still stings. But today, remember, in the sight of God you are chosen and precious. I pray that those two words may be an encouragement to you today.