Since 1988, Timothy Mark has shared hope and healing across five continents as an author, conference speaker, and musician. He serves as the Executive Director of Timothy Mark Ministries, a non-profit organization based in North America.

His new book, Sitting on the Lap of God, tells the story of his life growing up in a small rural community in southern Michigan, navigating the challenges of a troubled childhood into adulthood, and discovering an intimate relationship with the Father God that ultimately transformed his life. His passion for intimacy with the Father fuels his life and ministry today.

“What most concerns me,” says Mark, “is that many people have no idea how much the Father God loves them. They know an emptiness in their lives. Spiritually, they are fatherless. They are good, well-meaning, moral people. They may attend church regularly. They try to do what a “good Christian” is supposed to do. But they are missing an intimate relationship with the Father. This means that they may have never heard the Father God say to them, “I love you. I’m proud of you. You make me happy.” I cannot imagine living my life and not hearing the Father say that to me. Helping others to hear God speaking to them is what motivates me. This is why I wrote Sitting on the Lap of God. This is why I teach people how to connect with God. This is why I am so passionate about this issue.”

Timothy oversees Timothy Mark Ministries. In addition, he is a world traveler and adventurer, writing from his home near the beach in Southwest Florida. He is a member of the United States Antarctica Program, working at the McMurdo research station for the 2022-2023 season.