All I know… God is Able

Words and music by Timothy Mark

© 1995 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.

I looked into her eyes as I stood beside the bed
I held her hand and tried to let her go
she had always been so near
through out her golden years
with a wisdom I would never know

and though I loved her so and I wanted her to stay
there comes a time in life we must move on
there was so much left to learn
simple ways she could discern
but as she looked at me
I could swear she said to me


All I know . . . God is able
He will meet you where you are
so when the road seems so unstable
just remember God is able

Many days have past since she slipped away
still I hear her whispering to me
and though at times I feel alone
like a stranger in my home
I feel her words of wisdom rescue me

Still I must confess I do not understand
The more I learn the less I really know
and though questions still remain
like the clouds before the rain
it seems very clear to me
It comes down to this one thing


I don’t claim to know what tomorrow holds
or even try to understand
I simply find the strength to hold my Savior’s hand
His hand