Learn more about Timothy Mark

It’s hard to define who Timothy Mark is. He is an author, preacher, and conference speaker. He is a singer and a published songwriter. But if you ask him to define himself, he will tell you he is simply the kid down the street who fell in love with God.

Mark’s passion for an authentic relationship with God is one that has grown and matured since he began in ministry in 1988.

“I grew up in a Pastor’s home,” says Mark. “I was in church every Sunday that I wasn’t faking being sick. I sat through thousands of services and learned a lot about the Bible. At the time, I thought if I followed all the rules I would be a “good Christian.” But what I was missing was relationship, specifically relationship with God. I see the world differently today. I think there are two rules that matter more than all the rest. Christ said as much. He said the most important rule is that I love God with all my heart, with everything I have: all of my mind, all of my soul, and all of my strength going into my relationship with him. When I am genuinely doing that, then the second rule naturally follows. I love others in the same way I love myself. These are the two rules that rule them all. In fact, Christ said that all the other laws hang on these two.”

“The problem is that these two commands have become clichés. On any given Sunday morning, our churches are filled with good, moral, religious people who effectively have no personal relationship with God. It is heartbreaking to me. Around the world, men and women are being beaten, tortured, and imprisoned for their relationship with God. Their commitment to Christ flows from a love for him that is greater than the love of their own lives. It is the real deal. Sadly, this seems to be missing from the vast majority of folks in North America who claim to be Christian.”

This passion for loving God and loving people is what fuels Timothy Mark’s life and ministry today.

As a former part-time Associate Pastor at a local church, Mark understands the unique needs of Pastors who are looking to bring in a minister for an event. “I’ve been privileged to present this ministry in large and small churches, military bases, and camps across the United States as well as internationally” says Mark. “I have found one common denominator wherever I have gone. People need God. And because I also need God I find there is an understanding between an audience and me. It says ‘I know how it feels to long for a relationship with God. And this is how I have found Him to abundantly meet the needs in my life’.”

Mark stands out for his commitment to influence rather than to income. All of the ministry events are booked on a simple offering basis, and all the books and CDs are made available at the live events for absolutely no charge. His books, messages, and music are even available for free download from the ministry’s web site at “What makes it so exciting” says Mark, “is being able to have a far-reaching influence on the body of Christ. I get emails from folks around the world who are being ministered to through the free downloads on the site. That’s worth more to me than any royalty I could receive for charging for the resources.”

Passionately love God. Selflessly love people. These are the defining truths in the life and ministry of Timothy Mark.