You Are

Words and music by Timothy Mark

Copyright 2004 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.


F                 Bb                                      F                    

You are the faithful one, righteous and true;


              Dm             Bb                        Csus, C, Csus

I am the grateful one, dumbfounded by you


F/A              Bb                            F                   

You are the mighty one, able to save;


              Dm             F/C, Bb      Bb/C                 F

I am the broken one,                in need of Your grace




Bb2                                                                                F

You are my Savior, my Shelter, my Way; Youíre my Sword, my Defender, my King


Bb2                                                                    F

You are my portion, my rock and my fortress, Provider of all that I need


Dm                          F/C                                  Bb                         F/A                                   

Lord I adore You, Iím humbled before You, I fall at Your feet so amazed


Gm7                                   F/A                                     Bb                            Dm    C

Iíve come to praise You, to worship and thank You, to yield to Your word and obey


F/A           Bb              Dm         C                      F             Bb/F, F, Bb/F, F

Youíre all I want, all I have, all I need,      You are




              Bb                      F                     Bb                     F

You are faithful, You are holy, You are mighty, You are worthy    (repeat)