While They Were Praying

Words and music by Timothy Mark

Copyright 2004 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.


Bb2                    C/E                                   F/A, B2                  Bb/C     F2, F

Peter stood and wiped the sleep from his eyes as he stepped into the street


C/E                             Bb/D                         F/C, F/A     Bb2

The shackles that had bound his hands lay open at his feet


Bb2                    C/E                                   F/A, B2                  Bb/C     F2, F

Oh the wonder when he knocked upon the door where the people knelt and prayed


Db                                  F/C                         Dm/B                 Csus, C

Dumbfounded they could hardly believe the words he had to say, for




Bb/C                    F, F/A   Bb                 Bb/C, C/Bb

While they were praying God came down,


   C/A                  Dm               Gm7, F/A, Bb, C

and he moved among them on holy         ground


Bb                C/Bb      A/C#   Dm    Gm7            C      Bb/F, F   Bb/F, F   

If we would see Him move today, surely itís time to pray


Verse 2:

Bruised and beaten, prisoners for peace, still they would not be dismayed

And nigh unto the midnight hour Paul and Silas knelt and prayed

Suddenly the walls of the prison moved and the doors flew open wide

For God had turned His ear to them and heard their humble cry, and






C        Bb/F       F        Gm7               F/A    Csus, C, 

Father, hear our cry and move through us today,


F/A  Bb     C/Bb, C/A, Dm   Gm7  Bb/F   Ab    Csus, C  Bb/C

that future generations may look at us and say