Words and music by Timothy Mark

Copyright 2004 by Global Outeach Music/BMI.  All rights reserved.



C2                                       C        

On a journey marked with failure,


C2                       C                        F2,    F,  F2, F

when I count regrets Iíve had my share


C2                                            C           

And of the roads that I have taken


C2                                                      F2,    F,  F2, F

with shame as my companion, Iím aware


                G2                        G                   C2    C

But I have found a path that leads me to forgiveness


                F2 F                          F/G, G     C/E

Upon my knees, at my Fatherís feet




C/E,  F            G/F                     C/E

For I am only human not some hero of the faith


      F                G/F                      C/E                  C,  G/B

Iím merely an example of Godís mercy and his grace


   Am                      C/G                   F2                    C/E

I keep my eyes on Jesus when my gains become a loss


         Dm    F/G  G    C2

As I stumble to the cross



Verse 2:  So let us keep our eyes on Jesus,   The author and perfector of our faith,   Who for the joy set before him Endured the cross despising its shame,   For he is seated at the right hand of the Father, To intercede, for you and me,    repeat chorus