The Presence of the Great I Am

Words and music by Timothy Mark

2003 Global Outreach Music/BMI. All rights reserved.


Bb               Eb/Bb                       Bb

Where can I go that You're not there?


           Bb/D                  Eb                    Bb/D

I could climb a soaring mountain high, Touch the sky


       Cm7                    Fsus, F

Yet find that You are near


                   Bb                      Eb/Bb                   Bb

And when I walk through the valley You're with me


Bb/D              Eb                  Bb/D

Even as the shadow grows I rest and know


Cm7                             Fsus,

It's the shadow of Your wings



       Bb/D     Eb          Bb/D            Cm7          Bb/D

For You are with me, beside me, before me, behind me


             Eb                  Bb/D     Eb            Fsus,

You consume me, then fill me again and again


Bb/D     Eb            Bb/D        Cm7           Bb/D

You are near me, upon me, within me, beyond me


            Eb                   Bb/D                  Eb     (Bb/D)

You surround me and hold me in Your hand


            Cm7                   Eb/F    Bb

Oh the presence of the great I AM