I Adore You

Words and music by Timothy Mark

Copyright 2004 Global Outreach Music/BMI


C                             Cmaj7

I come into Your presence Lord


Am/C                   C            Dm7               F/G, G

To lift my life to You alone, my God and King


Dm                      Dm/C

With humble hands I give to You


G/B               G                F/G      C        F/G, G

a sacrifice of praise for who You are


                      C2                       Bb/C                     C/E

For itís Your grace to me Your kindness and mercy


         F                       Fm6

That brings me to my knees


C/G                                                 F/G, G              C         F/G, G,

Words alone could not express the love I have for You




F/G, G  F/C  C   Bb/C,  C       G/F,   F   Dm

I     a - dore You,            I adore You


F/G           F/C    C     C/A                Dm7       F/G, G

And I bow all of me at Your feet to worship You


F/G, G   F/C     C   Bb/C,  C     G/F,   F   Dm7
For   I adore You,              I a - dore You


                  C/G            C/A        Dm7          F/G, G   F/C     C

For all my days I will give you praise for   I     a - dore   You