Words and music by Timothy Mark

Copyright 2004 Global Outreach Music/BMI  All Rights Reserved.



Eb      Ab/Eb    Eb              Ab/Eb  Eb    Ab/Eb       Eb      Ab/Eb

I can do all things through Christ   as He strengthens me


Eb      Ab/Eb     Eb                         Fm7                 Bbsus,  Bb

But left alone to my designs Iím as helpless as can be


Eb                Ab/Eb    Eb          Ab/Eb  Eb              Ab/Eb       Eb    Ab/Eb

So hear this prayer on bended knee       and help me know the truth


Eb        Ab/Eb       Eb                         Fm7                     Bbsus, Bb

Light my way and help me see that it all comes back to You


             Fm7                           Ab/Bb

Lord, it always comes back to You




              Eb          Ab/Eb            Eb

For I am helpless without Your touch


                 Cm2           Gm/Bb

And I am hopeless without Your love


    Ab           Ab/Bb            Eb            Ab/Bb

So love me,  Lord I rely on You, only You


       Eb             Ab/Eb         Eb

I surrender my will to Your own


            Cm2             Gm/Bb

Be my defender and help me to know 


               Ab              Fm7     Ab/Bb  Eb

That You love me for Lord I rely on You


Heaven hushed as God bent down to listen to my plea

In the stillness Jesus stood and began to intercede

Angels charged with my concern rushed to carry me

To the throne of matchless grace where His mercy met my need

Lord Your mercy is what I need






     Ab                      Eb/G            Fm7    Bb7           Eb

So take my life as a sacrifice as I bow before Your throne


           Ab                Eb/G                      Gsus             G

Be my one desire, a consuming fire as I trust in You alone




         Ab                Fm7     Ab/Bb   Eb,  (Ab/Eb  Eb, Ab/Eb Eb,)

You love me, and Lord I rely on You (2x)